jazz fest (for trane)

my shining hour happened on a summertime
was chasin’ another trane
'round central park west
lost in locomotion
craving evolution
in search of sunrise
something out of this world
but far from the customary configuration –
bessie’s blues
    (i’m old fashioned)
enter cousin mary
     wise one
     sun star
comin' softly as in a morning
after the rain
livin' the lush life
she caught a spiritual/trane
and flew like a lazy bird
to liberia
and other stellar regions
of the cosmos
fled on a moment’s notice
ridin' the blue train
to alabama
like ev’ry time we say goodbye
she left an offering
a seraphic light
that shone a beautiful tapestry in sound
     love supreme
i want to talk about you
'cause you put me in a sentimental mood
got me croonin' equinox
like sonny
takin' giant steps
mind, body and soul
croonin' that horn lic naima sings
first impressions
and these are
     but a few of
          my favorite things

'jazz fest (for trane)' published in TOK: Writing the New City (Book IV) (Zephyr Press, 2009).